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28 motorhome spots and
6 caravan spots.

Rälla Camp Öland

In the middle of Öland and a stone's throw from the road that connects all the sights is Rälla Camp, we offer 28 spots for motorhomes and 6 for caravans.

In a glade on Öland's most beautiful hiking area "Rällaskogen" you spend the night in the absolute best possible way. Rällaskogen has fantastic walking paths and became a nature reserve in 2021. During the autumn the forest is full of both mushrooms and berries. They wander here and there in the tunnels created by the trees, there is a magical experience. In the forest you will find several sights, including a memorial grove.

Directly adjacent to the site is Europe's only Redneck Diner "Rällapaviljongen", a dance palace that houses a restaurant from 1950s America, a dance palace with both indoor / outdoor stage and a shop with American 50s products.

Seeing the sun rise and illuminate the treetops on Rälla Camp is magical and even for adjusting the location is about 100 m from the road so it is shielded off to Rälla Camp is located in a clearing the forest around it.

Advantages at Rälla Camp

All our seats can be pre-booked prior to your arrival so you do not run out of space when you arrive Sweden's most beautiful island. Then a paid / reserved seat reserved for the time you booked, the means that in the days to roll out and explore the island and return to their place like a camping. You can leave the furniture, etc. when you set off to explore the island and then back into its place again as when you left it. All thanks to a digital lamp system as clearly shows which places are booked / paid. Rälla Camp gives you a magic sleeping space for the exploration of the island, and its geographical location, so you have all the attractions close just around.

Rälla Camp facilities

All the places are currently without electricity, but soon sections A and D will offer electricity. There is a garbage station located in the area so you can leave your garbage when you leave Rälla Camp. Connection for water filling is available. When Dinern is open, you can use toilets etc. During certain times, grills are lit which are gathered around in the evening where there are festivities that are included in the parking fee. A lot of crazy antics that make your stay 100% memorable occur at Rälla Camp.

A warm welcome to Rälla Camp.

Daniel & Jenny.

Rälla Paviljongen
Rällavägen 28
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